Put Some Respect On ‘Her’ Name

*Happy Mother’s Day* For every-time you neglected and sacrificed yourself for me; for every-time you called my imperfections cute and my failures great; for every-time they counted me out and you counted me in; for every-time you said, “good job” even when I didn’t win; for every-time you made up stories to comfort me when I got confused, sad, depressed and scared; for every time you worried about what would happen to me or what I would become; for every time you pushed to get me here and for every push you pushed again to get me – into manhood. I say, “I Love You”.

The way you put your life on hold to – hold onto mine; the way you delayed your destiny to push me into mine; the way you made ‘nothing’ seem like everything; the way you turned darkness into light and sadness towards joy. I say, “I Love You”.

You made it hard to fail! You made hard to quit! You made it so hard to lose, because you made all our losses feel like wins!

I have to be honest…  I didn’t learn love from the bible. I learned it from you and if you had not taught it, I still wouldn’t know it.

Thank you for believing in me. Actually, all I ever  wanted was to be the man you so deserved. It was never a career, money, fame or anything else. I only wanted to become what you were making – a ‘Real Man’.

They say that a woman can’t raise a man, but they are so wrong! Not only can they raise them – they can have them! The only way I know to repay you is to keep becoming the ‘Man’ you deserved.

Life is funny… Sometimes when a great man doesn’t come to you – I hold on to the ideal that maybe he has come through you. So I keep it all real for you, momma! I’ll buy back everyone of your tears by living before people as the man – you made! Hoping that the life I live puts ‘RESPECT’ on Your Name.

So you did that! And you did it BIG! Yes, you BOSSED that business like you owned the place. No high-heels on! No Gucci purses and diamond rings!  Just holding down the traffic while all children crossed life’s street and for that –

We Put ‘RESPECT’ On – Your Name!

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