She’s Every Woman

Yeah, you know her! She’s put everybody and everything before herself. She’s given to relationships for the sake of trying to convince some dude that he could be more than he was. She invested! She sacrificed! She gave! And all truth being told, she has never received back her due!  She couldn’t do what all those other women were doing, because she was raising kids, working, and cleaning the dirt off her floor with the tears that she cried.

They talked about her! Laughed at her! And even when they were trying to be nice to her, they had to hurt themselves to find something good to say about her.  The people that should have been in her life were not there. The people that should have stayed in her life, left. All she wanted was to believe that if she took care of someone else that maybe someone would take care of her. She knew how to give, but never seemed to get it back!

Her depression; it’s real! It’s not that fleeting feeling sorry stuff – it stays! Her anxiety; it’s real! – It’s not that worrying about a bad-hair day stuff – it’s deep! So ask yourself, how does she make it? How does she go on? Not only is she raising girls that men don’t claim, she’s also raising boys that society said she couldn’t.

The truth is that no one really took time to get know her and the men in her life only used her for their own superficial glory.  She made them feel like a man, and they – well, they made her feel like every other woman. You see, they may never really understand her story from their glass houses and empty promises. She knows what it’s like to walk to work and turn a box of macaroni and cheese to a full scale casserole. No musician has ever told her story, no movie has shown her glory, but God had a plan for her and she’s starting to figure that plan out!

You watched her when she was under, so keep your eyes on her as she digs through the dirt that covered her.  She’s not just a real woman. She’s every woman! She’s every woman that has ever decided that they were more than their experiences had taught them they were.  She’s the truth! And her truth shines through every lie she’s ever told herself – about herself.

If only she can get these last few pieces of dirt packed down under her feet and dust herself off… then… yes, then!… every woman will see that ‘This Woman’ was ‘Them’ and ‘This Woman’ stands on top of everything that has ever tried to bury her!

The most interesting thing about it all is that those things that thought they buried her actually think she’s still buried. They think she’s gone! Dead! Done! But she is more alive now than she’s ever been and she’s making decisions and moves in her life so smoothly and so quickly that they can’t even see her.  She’s bad! A little bossy (smile)! And all about handling her business!

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Now, you may be reading this and thinking, “I’m just not there yet,” and the key word is ‘yet’, but you’re going to get there because you deserve it! And you deserve it Now!  You have given too much, to too many, too fast, and its time for you to start getting some of it back for every woman that came before you!


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