Waiting for Mr. Right – With Mr. Wrong


How many times have you told yourself that you were wasting your time? How many times have they shown you that they are just not into you? How many times have you justified their fake love to make it feel real? How many times have you had to make excuses for their excuses?

Tell me – How many?

Now ask yourself this question. Why would you throw yourself into something that doesn’t catch you? And as soon as you say you don’t know, I’ll tell you why you don’t want to know. Or maybe you’ll say it’s because you love them, so I’ll show you why you love things that don’t love you back.

Obviously, these are not all the reasons and many of them may not even apply to you. But before you write them off, give them a chance to sink in and see what you find.

Here we go:

1. Subconsciously you feel you don’t deserve anything better than what you’ve already had.

2. You are afraid of starting over because you have to STOP to start over and you hate stopping – you’d rather things go in the wrong direction than turn around and go right.

3. You hope in hopelessness because what you wish for is change, but what you are not willing to do yourself – is change.

4. You like holding on to things that don’t hold you back so that you can complain about it.

5. You don’t like being by yourself because you don’t really like yourself – hoping someone will love what you have not really learned to like.

6. You don’t want to touch life, you wait for life to touch you – so you hide yourself in fake hugs and fake love because it brings fake promises that you only reach towards, but never touch.

7. You’d rather know part of a man than to know all of yourself.

8. You give people more chances than they deserve so you can blame them for your discouragements.

9. You want to be the one that makes him right – that fixes him – as though he’s the only one that’s broken.

10. You like giving the little love you have left to people you will never get it back from. You don’t really want love because – you don’t think ‘Love – Really Wants You’.

I don’t know which one of these fit you and at some level, I feel a bit uncomfortable being so straight forward with you. But how else would you decide that you really have to consider not playing games with your life and start positioning yourself for the right person.

Good relationships are not magic and there are no secret codes, but what is true about all great relationships is that you have to learn to let ‘Wrong’ go to get a real good shot at ‘Right’.

Listen, sometimes you have to go through a whole lot of the wrong relationships to finally get to the right one. You have to remind yourself of that! Literally, tell yourself, “Self, we were only passing through wrong to get to right. We were never supposed to live here!”

Then move on!


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