Unfold Your Fist; A Message To Men

No one really understands your fight. No one really understands your pain. But you know deep down inside of yourself that you try! You try to do all you can to make life work for you and the people that love you. They don’t always see it and if they did they would pretend they didn’t because everybody moves your mark. The closer you get to where people think you should be, they gently slide the finish line a little further out. And you, well you keep crawling, punching away at everything you can to finish.

The truth is that every man meets his moment. That moment when you realize that you can’t fight by yourself. That the weight of the ring is too heavy for you to bare alone. That’s the moment I wish I could be there for you. That’s the moment you need a real friend. That’s the moment you need to hear the rumbling voice of man say to you – “Get Up! Look Around! You’re Winning!” I know that moment and I know you have had that moment.

You know, there is a part of you that is stronger and more powerful than every blow you’ve had to swing in the ring. It lives deep inside of you. It’s scary to get to know because it cries; it feels; it thinks; it reflects and it does all the other things that don’t lead to good fights. But, it can win the great fight!

I want to encourage you to try to get to it, because when you do you begin to find out why you’re fighting in the first place and what you’re fighting for. So how do you get there?


You first must Unfold Your Fist! Yeah, those fist – unfold them! It’s time for you to see your hands man. The other side of your fight! The side that is not bleeding. The side that is the true strength behind the blow.

What do you see? (answer that)

In those hands… life awaits you. Get to know them well. You are not just made of knuckles – you have another side and that’s the side you have to learn to fight with.

I know, it doesn’t happen all at once, but it does happen and when it does you will be glad I told you this. So go ahead and Unfold Your Fist. Go Ahead…

God Bless You Man!

Here’s an open letter I wrote to men about my own life.


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