Uncovering Shame

There are moments in everyone’s life that they are just not proud of. Moments that live with them for the rest of their life. Moments they can’t forget, regardless of how hard they try. In my book, “Unbreaking The Heart” I discussed five simple steps to forgiving anybo... Read more

The Truth About Love & Loss

Sometimes I ask myself, “Why do people get married?” I mean, is it just some little cute thing that looks flattering to the public or does it have real meaning? What is it? Why is it? And why does it feel so fake to so many?

I mean, think about it. Most peop... Read more

Unfold Your Fist; A Message To Men

No one really understands your fight. No one really understands your pain. But you know deep down inside of yourself that you try! You try to do all you can to make life work for you and the people that love you. They don’t always see it and if they did they would preten... Read more

Waiting for Mr. Right – With Mr. Wrong


How many times have you told yourself that you were wasting your time? How many times have they shown you that they are just not into you? How many times have you justified their fake love to make it feel real? How many times have you had to make excuses for thei... Read more

When You Hurt Someone You Say You Love

It is hard to love someone after they’ve hurt you, betrayed you, lied to you or taken your love and shared it with someone else. It’s not only hard, it’s painful! But some people, some how, love hard enough to go through the pain it causes. For reasons that many people o... Read more

Pink Power: Surviving Cancer – In Front of Us

It was a Friday morning and I was on my way to visit my sister, who had been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. My trip – a long, emotionally torturous, four hours that tested my faith like never before.  I had recently began going to church a few years earlier and fo... Read more

She’s Every Woman

Yeah, you know her! She’s put everybody and everything before herself. She’s given to relationships for the sake of trying to convince some dude that he could be more than he was. She invested! She sacrificed! She gave! And all truth being told, she has never received back... Read more

Men Fall In Love – In Stages

I don’t know if you know this are not, but men don’t fall in love very easily. Men fall in love in stages and some of those stages are far and beyond the patience of the women that love them.

You see, men don’t just fall in love with what they see, but men have to... Read more

How Could You Hate Me After All This?

Let’s think this thing through… What have I done to you, other than – loved you. What have I done to threaten you, other than – reach out to help you. Is it my hand that scared you, if so I’m sorry? I was only raising it because I had a few questions. I wanted to kno... Read more

My Baby Daddy

Here’s my 2016 short video message to all fathers on Father’s Day. May you continue to thrive for the things that represent accountability and responsibility for the things God has given you responsibility for. Oh, get your bibles – i... Read more

Appreciation – A Man’s Medicine

It’s cool for mom to play, but when dad gets in something BIG happens! Dads bring an energy that is absolutely contagious! Part of the reason, is because it is so unusual for dads to be engaged in intimately emotional interactions. For men, in general, that’s breaking a ma... Read more

Put Some Respect On ‘Her’ Name

*Happy Mother’s Day* For every-time you neglected and sacrificed yourself for me; for every-time you called my imperfections cute and my failures great; for every-time they counted me out and you counted me in; for every-time you said, “good job” even when I didnR... Read more