For over 18 years I have worked as a Professionally Licensed Christian Counselor & Coach (licensed in multiple states), helping couples and families around the world and – I’m ready to work with you! With training in Psychology, Theology, Marriage & Family Therapy & Crisis Intervention, I can help you get to where you want to be in your relationship and life. No need to keep waiting for things to change – Let’s make them change right now! Together we will get you to where you deserve to be in every area of your life and relationships. Sometimes, all you need is one conversation to change the course of a downward spiral in your life or relationship.


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Everyone wants a great life and relationship and I know how to get you there!

I have spent the past five years writing books and developing products to help people live better lives. I have committed my work to self-help and personal development. I’m sure you will find my books and products helpful and informative. The products a broad range of issues from several aspects of life.


Enroll in one of my classes to complete training in Coaching, Pastoral Counseling, Premarital Counseling, Business Development and so much more.


I know that choosing a Counselor or Coach can be a difficult process so I want to offer you the opportunity to verify my credentials with one of the largest psychology publications in the nation. Click the link below to learn more about me and verify my professional credentials.



After 25 years of marriage we were filing for divorce. Leroy helped us identify the sources of our difficulties and we were able to continue our life together. Without Leroy we would have lost everything we ever worked for.

K Simon

People always told me to 'be me,' but they never told me how to do that. Leroy showed me how to revisit, rediscover and reveal who I am. My life would have never been what it is today without him.

B. Wilson

We completed the 6 week Creating Possibilities In Marriage Program with Leroy Scott five years ago and what we learned is still helping us today. That program gave us insights into one another that helped us learn to love each other at a deeper level.

L. & J. McKlendon

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